Payout Percentages for Online Slots

Slots payout percentage
Slot machines are among the many popular gambling games which are based on luck. The game is loved by people who enjoy games and having a mindset of thrill and excitement of a possible win. While luck is the major determining factor a player will win or lose, there are few more components associated with slot machine which influence the expected return to the player along with the payout percentages so read this slot machine guide.   Online Slots  

Determining Payout Percentage

The payout percentages are nothing but money that is returned to players when they play for some percentage. Well, it’s not that easy to understand the payout percentage. It has a catch that the amount that is returned is not specific to one particular game but it returns in long run. What percentage would be returned is determined not by a person but by a pre-programmed software which flashes at the slot machine how much and how often to payout. So, when some amount of money is put in, it returns some money back to existing players. This system still ensures that the procedure of the game is random as the payout percentage is determined by the amount of money bet on, number of players and time each players give to the one slot game. Apart from all these determining factors payout percentage also decided by the competition, profits, location and state regulation.  

Payout Percentage At Online and Land Based Slot Machine

Online shots have become so popular in recent times and at this time it is good to understand the difference between payout percentage of land slots and online slots. There is a difference as land slots requires more people which increases the costs of maintaining the programs and thus increased house-edge. Typically, an online slot offers a 96 to 98.5 percent payout for an entire game, while on the other hand payout percentage is slightly lesser at land based casinos, say 91 to 95%. You can easily find the information on a payout explanation card when you are playing at a land slot machine. Online players can find this information in the help section. If for any reason, you didn’t find the information required, you can get the information on the phone by calling to the customer service. There is a lot of software platforms used in online shots, but the three main are: eCogra4, Real Time Gaming (RTG) and Vegas Technology (Oddson). Each one its own unique quality; eCogra4 provides annual reports on payout percentages, RTG is able to adjust their own pay tables on slots, while Vegas Technology (Oddson) uses CFG (Certified Fair Gambling) and carries our monthly audits.   Land based Slots  

Myth and Facts

There are a few misconceptions spread among slot players about payout percentage like there is a relationship between number of hits and payout percentage. There is actually no such relationship between both. It is the reels and reel strips that are the determining factors at the time of payout. Play casino games at the slot machine without worrying too much as gambling sites are not legally allowed to alter the payout percentage. They are approved by the government and casinos are bound to follow the minimum payout percentage.